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 Review: FoV Fw-190A-8 Enthusiast Edition

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PostSubject: Review: FoV Fw-190A-8 Enthusiast Edition   Mon Jun 26 2017, 08:16

Saw this one listed on The Flying Mule website for a while.  Since the price wasn't too bad (around $25.00), I decided to get it.

Once it came in, I found a very nice model packaged in a stiff cardboard box and nestled safely in a formed plastic clamshell.  Small parts were taped over to prevent them from moving around and the model was well supported by plastic.  The model has a single piece extended landing gear which fits snugly into an under wing cavity.  A one piece door covering is provided to display the model "in flight".  Two pieces are given for the tail wheel: a extended tail wheel and a shorter, retracted tail wheel.   As with most Forces of Valor models, a removable engine cover is provided to display the engine.  Also, two different center line pieces are available: a drop tank or a bomb.  Of course, a FoV stand is also there.

Once I removed the model, I was surprised to see a very nice model.  Unlike some of the more inexpensive FoV/Unimax models in my collection, this one has a much better quality to it.  For starters, the model is rather heavy - lots of metal in this one!  The paint is well done with an over spray fading on the fuselage transitioning from the dark gray on top to the lighter gray towards the bottom.  Markings are rather basic, but the tampoed markings are sharp and well applied.  The colors used for the German camouflage look good though they may be a bit on the dark side.  Still, the overall "grungy" look of a battle worn machine is there - this is something I really look for in my models.  All the panel lines are inked in, but unlike other FoV models I own, these are nicely done and evenly applied.

The model itself does have some of the usual FoV issues.  The wing pitot tube is just way to0 thick and clunky.  I pulled it off and replaced it with a piece of 0.015 wire.  The tail had no swastikas.  Luckily, I found some on a spare model decal sheet and added them to the tail.  And of course, FoV's house style of having exposed screw holes on the underside and a large mounting hole for the stand on the fuselage under surface are still there.  Luckily, I don't display my models upside down, so these are minor issues for me.

I used my Tamiya pastels to add some gun and engine exhaust staining and now I have a rather nice die-cast Fw-190 in my collection.


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Review: FoV Fw-190A-8 Enthusiast Edition
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