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 Caboolture 2017

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PostSubject: Caboolture 2017   Fri Jul 07 2017, 06:31

A few weeks ago my son took me up to Caboolture which has a grass uncontrolled airstrip where they were putting on an airshow. I had strict instructions from my wife not eat while I was there as on my last visit there I ate some chicken and spent four days bringing my insides up. Aircraft numbers seemed to have fallen since my last visit and they seemed a bit short of money to run the show but local youth groups and even the fire brigade turned out to help. Stars of the show were a group off WW1 replicas of which the Bristol was the crowd favourite drawing cheers when it landed. Unfortunately the PA system was not up to scratch and unless you were standing beside it you heard nothing and as such I had no idea what a lot of the aircraft were. The chopper which might have been a MH90 caused a lot of laughs as it taxied past a light aircraft and its crew had to jump on it as it started to take off by itself. Please correct me if it was not a MH90. In two of the photos I have no idea what the aircraft are, one shows an aircraft with US Air force markings and the other is a pair of biplanes. Does anyone know what they are? There was a P51 being rebuilt and I missed a lecture on it. In the last minutes the gentleman was explaining that in most fighters of its time there was a reduction in thrust because of drag over the radiators but because of its design the P51 had a point five percent increase in thrust. He was also speaking about the wing design but I missed most of that.
It was interesting to listen to people complaining about the $20 entry fee and if you could a gold coin ($1 or $2) in the bucket for the fire brigade. With insurance costs we might be lucky to see these shows in the future. It was worth the entry cost to see a pair of Mustangs beating up the field and rolling over on their backs and the roar of the Merlins. On a sad note the news a couple of nights ago showed the DR1 in a field, did not hear it all but think the pilot was ok and not a great deal of damage. Interesting to see these planes with disc breaks and tail wheels.

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Caboolture 2017
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