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 REVIEW: Witty Wings WTW72002-14 RCAF Spitfire Mk IX "AN-A", 417 Squadron, Anzio, Italy, 1944

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Witty Wings WTW72002-14 RCAF Spitfire Mk IX "AN-A", 417 Squadron, Anzio, Italy, 1944   Thu Jul 13 2017, 15:38

October 10, 2012

Witty Wings - Sky Guardians
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX JG184 "AN-A"
RCAF No.417 (City of Windsor) Sqn,
F/L Hedley Joseph "Snooks" Everard D.F.C.
Anzio, Italy, Spring 1944
1/72 Scale WTW72002-14

Summary of Hedley Everard's Career (From Aces of WW2)

Born in Timmins, Ontario, 26 December, 1919;

Served in Algonquin Rifles, 1938.
Enlisted in Toronto, 24 September 1940.
Trained at No.2 ITS (graduated 20 Feb.1941),
No.2 EFTS (graduated 22 April 1941) and
No.32 SFTS (graduated 15 July 1941).
Served in England, Far East and Middle East.
Commanded No.401 Squadron, 4-25 Dec. '44;

Shot down and taken prisoner.
Liberated by Russians and was back in England
- in time for victory celebrations.

With Canadair in postwar period,
commencing 1949 as a test pilot;
by about 1956 he had become Director,
Tactical Aircraft Military Relations with the firm.

Remained in RCAF Auxiliary; awarded
Queens Coronation Medal, 13 Oct. '53 - 401 Sq.
Commanded No.401 Squadron, 1951-1955 and again 1 April 1961 to later date.
Retired 1964.

Died in Victoria, 19 February 1999.

Memoires published under the title
A Mouse in My Pocket.

Victories Include :

21 Mar 1942 one Ki-42 destroyed (with 17 Sq. Burma)
28 January 1944 one FW.190 damaged (with No.417 Squadron);
14 February 1944 one Bf.109 destroyed (No.417 Squadron);
16 February 1944 one FW.190 prob. destroyed and one FW.190 damaged (No.417 Squadron);
18 February 1944 one FW.190 destroyed (No.417 Squadron);
21 February 1944 one Bf.109 prob. destroyed (No.417 Squadron);
29 September 1944 two Bf.109s destroyed and one Bf.109 damaged (No.401 Squadron);
5 October 1944 1/5 Me.262 destroyed (No.401 Squadron).*

* This was the first jet ever shot down in combat
shared with - RIA Smith - J MacKay - Andy Sinclair - B Davenport

417 (City of Windsor) Squadron Wartime history (from RCAF website)

417 "City of Windsor" Squadron was formed as an RCAF squadron in England on November 27, 1941, flying Spitfires.

In April 1942, the Squadron was sent to Egypt to join the Desert Air Force, the only RCAF Squadron in that theatre. Initially equipped with Hawker Hurricanes, 417 Squadron conducted combat patrols against Axis Aircraft operating over the Suez Canal.

The Squadron drew first blood when on September 26, Flight Sergeant JHG Leguerrier shot down a Luftwaffe JU-88 near the town of Suez.

As World War II progressed, 417 continued its combat patrol missions, battling the enemy Aircraft in their Hurricanes and Spitfires alongside the rest of the Desert Air Force. 417 Squadron was also tasked to provide close air support to the advancing allied ground troops in the African Campaign.

With each allied victory 417 Squadron moved through a variety of different theatres including North Africa, Sicily, Malta and Italy. 417 Squadron fought steadily on until disbanded on June 30, 1945 in Treviso, Italy.

The Model

Recently picked this one up at a Half Price sale at the Flying Mule. Not a bad effort by Witty Wings with some notable improvements. A pilot is now included with Witty's Spitfires (although rather sparsely detailed) and there have been some improvements made to the rear of the canopy. Overall I am pleased with the model and it is a worthy addition to the Canadian Collection.


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REVIEW: Witty Wings WTW72002-14 RCAF Spitfire Mk IX "AN-A", 417 Squadron, Anzio, Italy, 1944
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