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 Virginia Air Museum Biplanes and Triplanes Virginia Beach Oct 1-2 WWI Fly in. 2016

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PostSubject: Virginia Air Museum Biplanes and Triplanes Virginia Beach Oct 1-2 WWI Fly in. 2016   Sat Feb 18 2017, 22:48

Located just below Norfolk there is a lot to see and do in this area from ships, to military vehicles, civil war, the revolution, air museums.     You can easily spend a week here.    Plenty of hotels serving breakfast with a pool and gym at very good prices if you are traveling in the off seasons.

With Mikes posts and the pics below of additions since his visit you will get a good idea of what there is to see.     There are rides in the Stearman available, but at $175 are a bit expensive compared to what you might get at your local airport.

The  weather held on Saturday and we hit  the airshow.   It was not very crowded and the field was a bit wet  but the staff managed the parking and trails well, so no one got stuck.  I guess its been at least  7 years since we were last there, perhaps a bit more.    It has greatly expanded and the hard times that saw the owner sell off some of his collection have passed for him with the sale of several colleges that he owned.  At first the maintenance hanger at the lower end of the field away from the main museum and a few of the other buildings were not open, but after a few hours we were allowed to go over and see things as they have moved many of the WWII aircraft down there temporarily.

I learned the Mossie rebuild cost at least $8 million. There are some interesting 1946 Luftwaffe drawing board full scale builds in the hangers. I'll post these in another section. Some a bit worse for wear but interesting none the less . The docents did not know where they had come from but obviously this owner has the financial means to create something special.    I have been fortunate to have been able to visit many of air museums in the USA and this one is one of the best to be sure.   Well worth the visit.

Hmmmmm   Just in case your getting tired ..... a little something to wake you up.

The New York Dolls singing group normally show up at WWII airshows but were at this one singing some period songs and providing some cheesecake with the period cars and crowd.

More pics to come

Ty took others and he has a much newer Iphone, so when I get those I will post them .

This trip also included the Battleship Wisconsin based in Norfolk, Kill Devil Hills Wright Brothers National Monument and Museum just down the road in NC , The Air Power museum run by the city of Norfolk and The National Museum of the Marine Corps on the way back.    The Military Transport Museum was close when we got to the visitor gate so it will need to wait for the next road trip.

TY's pics

They had pushed back the WWII aircraft and there is a lot to see vs years ago.

This is one of several new construction YAK 3's made with existing tool, dies and spare parts produced in the former USSR  when they were a bit more cash strapped was the story the docent related.

A very rare Mig 3  and Lagg 9 with the PO-2.    This collector has a real love of WWII Soviet  aircraft that can't be found elsewhere in the USA.

This FW-190 was pulled from the water in Norway.  The docents say it will be sent to Germany to be refurbished and then be back after a few years.

A WWII bomb trolley...He seems to be finding a lot of artifacts.

The docent said the cost for this refurb of the Mossie was over $8 million.

These are full scale mock-ups of drawing board aircraft the Luftwaffe could have fielded had the war gone into 1946.  As the war ended the race to get technical documents , research and the technicians between the US and USSR was intense.   You can see the delta wing and other technology demonstrated here.  The docent was not sure where they came from or who produced them.   A few are a little worse for wear.   He said one day they just showed up.  

PICS from a trip many years ago.   I make note of the Hobby Master Mustang speech bubble controversy

This is a great museum linked to the Fighter Factory close by.   I have not been back to see it since  the expansion but might go to the WWI fly in this year.

Everyone remember the infamous Hobby Master speech bubble controversy of a few years back?


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Virginia Air Museum Biplanes and Triplanes Virginia Beach Oct 1-2 WWI Fly in. 2016
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