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 Norfolk VA USS Wisconsin - Nauticus Hampton Roads Museum OCT 2016

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PostSubject: Norfolk VA USS Wisconsin - Nauticus Hampton Roads Museum OCT 2016    Sat Feb 18 2017, 22:52

The Wisconsin is one of the 4 Iowa class battleships that have been converted to a museum ship. The others in the class, New Jersey ( a museum ship docked in Camden NJ across from Philadelphia), Missouri ( docked behind the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor ), Iowa ( the last of the museum ships docked in Los Angeles near the Queen Mary.) The class was modernized over the years avoiding the scrappers torch.

The Wisconsin is attached to a really great museum that includes the Hampton Roads exhibits highlighting the Naval and Maritime history of the area . They had artifacts in their exhibits about the port that I never knew existed. This is a great museum if you have young kids as they can see lots of the sea life in the area, touch exhibits like small sharks, a mini sub with a claw arm they can try, movies, gift shops, etc. The pics below are just a few .....we spent a lot of time there as they had quite a few films on different subjects to watch. Parking is available across the street.

The USS Wisconsin was one of the "fast battleship" designs planned in 1938 by the Preliminary Design Branch at the Bureau of Construction and Repair. She was the third of four completed ships of the Iowa class of battleships. Her keel was laid down on 25 January 1941, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. She was launched on 7 December 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Goodland, wife of Walter S. Goodland, the Governor of Wisconsin, and commissioned on 16 April 1944, with Captain Earl E. Stone in command.

Wisconsin's main battery consisted of nine 16 in (406 mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns, which could hurl 2,700 lb (1,200 kg) armor-piercing shells some 20 mi (32 km). The secondary battery consisted of 20 5 in (127 mm)/38 cal guns in ten twin turrets, which could fire at targets up to 10 mi (16 km) away. With the advent of air power and the need to gain and maintain air superiority came a need to protect the growing fleet of allied aircraft carriers; to this end, Wisconsin was fitted with an array of Oerlikon 20 mm and Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft guns to defend allied carriers from enemy airstrikes. She was active in Korea then put back in moth balls. When reactivated in 1986, Wisconsin had her 20 mm and 40 mm AA guns removed, and was outfitted with Phalanx CIWS mounts for protection against enemy missiles and aircraft, and Armored Box Launchers and Quad Cell Launchers designed to fire Tomahawk missiles and Harpoon missiles, respectively. The most recently recommissioned battleship sent 11 shells across 19 mi (31 km) of space to destroy an Iraqi artillery battery in southern Kuwait during a mission called in by USMC OV-10 Bronco aircraft. Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a spotter in combat for the first time, Wisconsin pounded an Iraqi communications compound on 7 February.

The museum has a lot of pics of the ship including the replacement to the Kingfisher in the pic below.

A very interesting artifact for the Spanish American War. I guess the Spanish Ships just could not close enough to use them. Seeing pictures of the beached Spanish ships damage I'm amazed they did not blow up during the fight.

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Norfolk VA USS Wisconsin - Nauticus Hampton Roads Museum OCT 2016
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