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 REVIEW: Falcon Models FA723001 USAF North American F-86D Sabre Dog, 75th FIS "Tiger Sharks", Suffolk County AFB, NY, 1953

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Falcon Models FA723001 USAF North American F-86D Sabre Dog, 75th FIS "Tiger Sharks", Suffolk County AFB, NY, 1953   Sun Jul 23 2017, 21:43

July 14,2011

Falcon Models
USAF North American F-86D Sabre Dog
519th ADG, 75th FIS Tiger Sharks, Suffolk County AFB, NY, August 1953
1/72 Scale

First of all I would like to thank Chris at Falcon Models in Hong Kong for providing the model for this review.

About the Aircraft

First flying on Dec 22, 1949 the North American F-86D Sabre was a development of the original F-86, however with only 25 percent commonality it was originally designated the YF-95 (changed later to F-86D for political reasons). Compared to the regular F-86 the F-86D "Sabre Dog" had a larger fuselage, a more powerful engine with afterburner, a distinctive nose radome containing the AN/APG-36 all-weather radar, and was armed with a retractable under-fuselage tray carrying 24 unguided Mk. 4 rockets (rockets being judged more effective against Bombers than cannons).

2,506 F-86D Sabres were built serving with the Air Forces of the United States, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Yugoslavia.

On 18 November 1952, F-86D-20-NA, 51-2945, set a speed record of 698.505 mph (1,124.135 km/h). Captain J. Slade Nash flew over a three km course at the Salton Sea in California at a height of only 125 ft (38 m). Another F-86D broke this world record on 16 July 1953, when Lieutenant Colonel William F. Barns, flying the first F-86D-35-NA, 51-6145, in the same path of the previous flight, achieved 715.697 mph (1,151.803 km/h).

75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron "Tiger Sharks"

When reviewing the history of the 75th Fighter Squadron one will discover that the unit's first assignment as an active unit was in the China-Burma-India theatre during WWII. Some members of the famous American Volunteer Group (AVG) known as the "Flying Tigers" joined the 75th Fighter Squadron after the AVG was disbanded - this explains the painted "Shark's Mouth" on this 75th FIS F-86D Sabre Dog circa 1953.

About the Model

Falcon Models is a relatively recent arrival on the diecast scene. They have decided to enter the market with some interesting types that have so far been ignored by other producers. My first purchase was their USMC F-9F Panther and later their RCAF T-33 Silver Star. As with any company starting out there have been some lessons learned and their product line has continued to improve. I was looking forward to adding this F-86D to my diecast collection as I had built a plastic Airfix version as a teenager which long ago went to assembled model kit heaven.

I found the paint and tampo printing on the Falcon F-86D to be well above average and with very little metal pitting that appears on some of my more extreme close up pictures of my other models. Both the Nose and Main landing gear struts fit very well with no glue required (unlike the Falcon T-33 or virtually any Dragon Warbirds product). The packaging is adequate although my example arrived with a broken red fuel drain mast (this could have been due to it floating around the mail system for over a month!). The dump mast was easily reinstalled using a bit of white glue but I would however recommend to Falcon that they include the fuel dump mast and wing mounted Pitot probe as separate pieces and allow the collector to install them so that they arrive undamaged.

Overall the shape accurately represents the actual aircraft. One area that could be improved is the forward fuselage shape on top where the anti glare panel is painted. There appears to be some pinching from the mould where it should be completely smooth.

The Canopy fits well and stays in the open position (unlike my recently acquired supposedly Premium brand X-Plus Sundowners F-4!). Falcon Models does not currently provide pilots but I have relied on my Handy Dandy supply of Hobby Master pilots that fit perfectly). The cockpit is painted green on the interior and comes with a printed instrument panel and control column.

The rocket tray comes attached to the fuselage with no option of displaying it retracted. Perhaps the option of displaying it closed will be a future feature. As well the speed brakes do not have the option of being displayed in the open position unlike the Corgi F-86 of the same scale for instance (see final photo). A plastic display stand is included along with the gear up doors to display the model in flight.

Overall I am quite pleased with the Falcon Models F-86D Sabre Dog with the paint and printing quality standing out compared to most other manufacturers.


Below:  Seen with Corgi's F-86 Sabre 5 of the RCAF Golden Hawks.
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PostSubject: Re: REVIEW: Falcon Models FA723001 USAF North American F-86D Sabre Dog, 75th FIS "Tiger Sharks", Suffolk County AFB, NY, 1953   Sun Jul 23 2017, 22:17

Nice. I'd like to build a Hasegawa F-86D in that scheme.

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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REVIEW: Falcon Models FA723001 USAF North American F-86D Sabre Dog, 75th FIS "Tiger Sharks", Suffolk County AFB, NY, 1953
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