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 Wright Brothers Museum NPS Kill Devil NC National Monument. Oct 2016

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PostSubject: Wright Brothers Museum NPS Kill Devil NC National Monument. Oct 2016   Sat Feb 18 2017, 22:55

Another point visited during the long WWI air show weekend. Ty had a couple of days vacation remaining so we planned leaving early Friday morning and coming back late on Monday. There is so much to see in this region you really need at last a week and you will still not see everything.

About 1.5 hours south of Norfolk in NC is this National Parks Service National Monument. The Museum has many exhibits and its jewel us a replica Wright Flyer. Not just a light weight lash up folks, this is a $1.3 million down to the stitching and recreated engine reproduction funded by one dedicated patron. I thought I understood the working of the wright flyer and its wing warping, but I was wrong in my assumptions. There is a 45 minute park ranger presentation and demonstration of its actual workings. The ranger will pull a kid out of the audience to participate so this is a nice little adder if your traveling with kids. The out buildings have been recreated and the monument is pretty impressive on Kill Devil hill where the over 1000 glider flights were conducted that led to the refinements to the final wright flyer that flew on the flats below.

The markers showing the lengths of each flight before the significantly longer 4th flight seen at the far end of the field . The buildings and markers explain a lot about the flight.

You can't go to NC and not have barbecue, this place was great.

The dunes here are very high vs NJ

The monument is on a dune that back in the day did not have all this vegetation. It was put here to protect the dunes itself and the flat area beyond has been planted with grasses and low flat cactus. Your advised not to walk on the grass due to the cactus spines.

Mike it was interesting that there is a small airfield on the other side of the tree line as I saw a small Cessna parked there opposite the memorial .

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Wright Brothers Museum NPS Kill Devil NC National Monument. Oct 2016
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