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 REVIEW: Falcon Models FA722023 RCAF Canadair T-33 Silver Star "The Red Knight", F/O Tex Deagnon, 1965

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PostSubject: REVIEW: Falcon Models FA722023 RCAF Canadair T-33 Silver Star "The Red Knight", F/O Tex Deagnon, 1965   Tue Jul 25 2017, 01:14

Falcon Models
RCAF Canadair T-33 Silver Star 21630
"The Red Knight", Flying Officer (F/O) Tex Deagnon
RCAF Station Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1965
1/72 Scale

April 2014 Release

The Canadair CT-133 Silver Star, was the Canadian license built version of the Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star jet trainer aircraft, in service from 1952 to 2005. The Canadian version was powered by the higher thrust Rolls-Royce Nene 10 turbojet, whereas the Lockheed used the Allison J33. In total Canadair manufactured 656 aircraft between 1952 and 1959.

A solo, aerobatics performer of the Royal Canadian Air Force's Training Command from 1958 through 1969, the role of the Red Knight was actually shared by seventeen different pilots over a period of twelve seasons. Although originally authorized to perform only three shows, the Red Knight went on to make over six hundred appearances, all over North America. The Red Knight was commonly sent to venues considered too small for the aerobatics teams of the day. According to 1963 Red Knight, Bill Fraser: "As with the Teams, the positive publicity achieved was tremendous, and all for what was, even in those days, a very small budget. We did some "openers" for the Golden Hawks, and took part in some larger Canadian and US displays, but most of our shows [took place] in out of the way places that did not rate a Team."

The Red Knight was uniquely Canadian -- a solo military display. These pilots, with the help of their Crew Chiefs and support personnel, brought an extremely impressive and professional aerobatics show to communities that might not otherwise get the chance to see such an event. The trademark of the Red Knight was his brilliant red aircraft; first the T-33 "Silver Star" and then, for the last two seasons, the CL-41 "Tutor".

The 1965 Red Knight was Tex Deagnon, moving up from his role as Alternate in the previous year. His new Alternate, Terry Hallett, was also a former F-86 pilot and a Squadron mate in Europe. The remainder of the team consisted of Jim Stothard, who replaced Jack Desbrisay as Red Knight OC, and Crew Chiefs Jack Rathwell and Tom Lupton. The base of operation remained at Moose Jaw. Deagnon made 26 appearances that year, with Hallett performing an additional 3 shows.

Below: One of the most famous photos ever taken of the Red Knight. Aircraft #21630 taken in early 1965 just after the New Canadian Maple Leaf Flag was officially adopted.

Below: The 1965 Red Knight's name "Tex Deagnon" and his Crew Chief "Jack Rathwell" appear on the model as well.


This is the FIFTH Canadian T-33 release by Falcon Models.

Falcon originally announced that they would be producing the Red Knight T-33 aircraft #21620 from 1968. I made the suggestion instead for #21630 from 1965. My advice was taken because #21620 was involved in a fatal accident in 1968. Besides the older style Maple Leaf Roundels made #21630 a more attractive release in my opinion.

Sometimes the Red colour used on the aircraft causes confusion. This is because the final years of the team wore a bright red scheme. However, from 1958 to 1967 the Red Knight was painted in a fluorescent red/orange paint scheme. It can often be difficult to tell by old photos but I believe that Falcon has got the colour basically correct on this release.

Falcon's T-33 tooling is one of their oldest, but still has plenty of life in it. Although the optional landing gear is "fiddly" - a bit of white glue solidly holds everything in place. Falcon still doesn't provide Pilot figures. I have used a red helmeted Hobby Master Pilot figure from their recent 421 Squadron RCAF F-86 release.

Overall a very decent representation of one of Canada's most famous Aerobatic demonstration teams. Very highly recommended.


Below: The 1964 Red Knight team. Left to Right - LAC Paul Boucher, F/O Tex Deagnon (Alternate and future Red Knight in 1965), F/L Des Brisay (OC), F/L) Bill Slaughter (Red Knight) and LAC Ellis Gauthro (DND photo).

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PostSubject: Re: REVIEW: Falcon Models FA722023 RCAF Canadair T-33 Silver Star "The Red Knight", F/O Tex Deagnon, 1965   Tue Jul 25 2017, 09:00

That's interesting about the change in colour from fluorescent to 'regular' red, I didn't realize that. Nice model.

 Mike Grant | Calgary AB
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REVIEW: Falcon Models FA722023 RCAF Canadair T-33 Silver Star "The Red Knight", F/O Tex Deagnon, 1965
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