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 Fort Mott - NJ & Fort Delaware Civil War & Coastal Fortifications. Fall 2016

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PostSubject: Fort Mott - NJ & Fort Delaware Civil War & Coastal Fortifications. Fall 2016   Sat Feb 18 2017, 23:04

Fort Delaware, Fort Dupont & Fort Mott were part of the Delaware bay defensive positions built before and after the civil war and eventually abandoned as useful positions before the end of WWII.

Configured a bit like Like Sandy Hook , Fort Mott gun positions are in better condition but no guns are mounted. They have a reenactor event annually. It was interesting , everything from Roman Centurions, Revolutionary, Civil War , WWI and WWII from various powers. Vehicles and all sorts of equipment. Worth the trip.

Some pic' s starting with Fort Delaware that is closer to its Civil war condition with its existing moat and firing of its many cannon. You take a ferry to Pea Patch island to get there. $12 for adults $10 for kids. They have people working in the kitchen, military stores and black smith shop, officers quarters , in the gun ports, all in period dress and in character.

I did not realize the ferry went to Fort Mott as well or I would have parked there first and gone to the island from that side. It does not run as frequently as the Delaware side and the Jersey run ends in mid September.

The island held confederate prisoners and over 2000 died while in captivity. They were buried in NJ due to the low water table on the island. The burial ground is reached on a narrow road running behind Fort Mott. It is a lonely isolated place. A few graves from the 20's and 30's including children and wives of stationed soldiers. Some WWII dated graves. Not sure if there were repatriated locals. Some WWII German POW's were buried there as well. Probably men captured in north africa. Some with death dates after May of 1945.

Unusual vehicles. Worth a trip. In the Spring they have another WWII reenactment of the Rhine River Crossing.

Some of the guns survive, but many were cut up for scrap in WWII. These are reworked naval cannon stored on site.

Fort Delaware is an impressive fort and every bit as nice as Fort Sumpter IMO as an example of the period. Fort Mott is in better condition that Sandy Hook as far as a coastal defense battery is concerned. It would be nice if they could get even some of the smaller guns mounted but no one has that sort of budget.

Ended the day at Cow Town, the oldest continuous rodeo running in the USA. It was the last show of the season and a lot of fun. Something to take your kids to if you've never been to one.

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Fort Mott - NJ & Fort Delaware Civil War & Coastal Fortifications. Fall 2016
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