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 Sandy Hook NJ - Nike Site and Coastal fortifications. Spring 2014

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PostSubject: Sandy Hook NJ - Nike Site and Coastal fortifications. Spring 2014    Sat Feb 18 2017, 23:34

Ty and I got a chance to get out  today  with Cindy visiting her mom  we drove up to Sandy Hook NJ / Fort Hancock National Park.    No one around so we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Walked around some of the turn of the century old gun batteries while we were there but the purpose of the trip was to see the best preserved Nike Site next to the one in San Fransisco.      The area took a beating during the hurricane and we could not get back to the missile launch area ( not a lot to see there anymore ) but the control are was of special interest.    Ex Nike vets were serving as docents and they gave a good tour.  

The Ajax


The Hercules

Guardian Memorial Park .   People may not have realized quite a few airmen and civilians died  during this period.  The missiles were dangerous to handle.     In 1958 an entire battery exploded at a missile site close to Sandy Hook killing the crew and some civilian tech's performing modifications on the system.  This is their memorial.   It's good that someone did something to remember them.    

There were multiple radars on the site for target acquisition, tracking and relaying of commands.    The trailers were designed to be mobile and made of magnesium.   Paul Klco the docent leading our tour served on east coast sites up to their closure.      Said the reasons for this were steel will corrode,  magnesium was decided upon but it had one drawback and from a military point of view a benefit in war time.   Once the trailers were set alight nothing was going to put a magnesium fire out.  Thus the reasons for the escape hatches you see in the trailers.   If there was a threat the base might be overrun a flare fired into the trailer would destroy all secret equipment and documents.

Ty might fit through that window. way    Rolling Eyes  

Paul had some interesting tidbits of information.   This is what you get from vets that will be lost when they are all gone.   The red locked box holds the probe for the Nuclear tipped Hercules.   This item in itself is not a weapon or dangerous unless you poke someone in the eye with it , but was a component of the system that made it functional.    A red box and kept locked up.   The story goes as one of the last bases were closing Paul who had been serving for some time in the unit was asked by a high ranking officer if there was anything he wanted for a keepsake.  He said I don't know I'd take just about anything that's permitted.  The officer came in the next day and said here you can have this.     It may be one of the few left in existence and makes for an interesting display piece.

The trailers at the Sandy Hook site are actually ex Swedish units that were used and up graded until the systems were wound down in the late 70's in the EU.  They were returned to the USA and Sandy Hook managed to acquire them..  As you can see they have light boards and dials .    Looks like something right out of a 60's movie.  

They are always trying to get any artifacts and this missile was once a roadside attraction painted multiple times and was on the verge of being scrapped.    They will do what they can to restore it but their funding is limited.     The container caught my eye as this is how there were transported.    The tag on the back was of interest.   Food Manufacturing & Chemical Corporation 1957 .  I work for FMC  today and  though they have long sold  or spun off their defense business, food manufacturing equipment and airport support gantry and related groups its an interesting legacy.   We just make Agricultural and other chemicals along with seaweed extract products these days.

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Sandy Hook NJ - Nike Site and Coastal fortifications. Spring 2014
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