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 Starting a Thread / Posting a Message

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PostSubject: Starting a Thread / Posting a Message   Sat Feb 18 2017, 11:59

Seems kind of silly to cover this, but entering a post IS a bit different to do here than what we were used to on the old TMWCF forum.

To start a new thread:

1) Go into the forum where you want to post.

2) Click on the [New Topic] button on the left side.  Now you will be in the text edit window.  It should look familiar except there are more options you have available to you.  Just enter the thread title as you've always done.

Type your text as you've always done.  But here's the fun stuff:

Now you can align / justify text - the four buttons on top with the lines are for left, center, right, and justified alignment of text.

Look for the button on the lower tier that has a blue [A].  You can now use different fonts.

Look for the button on the lower tier that has a blue [A] with a red arrow.  You can now use different font sizes beyond small, normal or large.

And of course the button with the multiple colors is for font color.

Once you enter your text and format it, you can "preview" what your post looks like by clicking on the [Preview] button.  If you want to submit your post, click on [Send].

Posting pictures and links will be covered in another tutorial.


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Starting a Thread / Posting a Message
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