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 Palm Springs Air Museum - Just down the road from March AFB Museum

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Kyushu J7W


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PostSubject: Palm Springs Air Museum - Just down the road from March AFB Museum   Sun Feb 19 2017, 00:18

On to Palm Springs from March AFB museum .  Everyone seemed to be getting ready for events and moving aircraft around.   We got to watch them pull aircraft from the hangers and rearrange a lot of things. So it was interesting to see some of the equipment used to do this.    

One thing I noticed as I toured all these places.  During the week and time of year  when I chose to travel attendance was very light.   A few veterans were still in attendance as docents  but in another 5 years they will be pretty much  all gone.   A 20 year old airman in 1945 will be 89 in the next year.   As people do not think of WWI and that entire era will WWII  fade and these collections over the next 20 years go to the wealthy few and no longer be visible to the public?  Seems this has been the fate of some of the aircraft in these collections.     Some museums have expanded since my first trips 20 years ago ( see second set of photos)  and there were still a lot of veterans left then.      Talking to a few vets still around the fields  they were concerned about the future of these places.  Kids today, some said, do not even know who we fought  or the things  our then enemies at the time did to people.   I'm glad we went.  It may be my last time for many years to come.  

This F-14 was the one that shot the Libyan  jets over the Gulf of Sidra in the early 80's  

One of the few remaining examples of the Harpoon.    One of the veterans I interviewed years ago told me that at wars end they did not want them brought home so they ran up the engines and sent them off a cliff on the base.  Those wrecks must still be there.    see page 2

That's it .... from here it as a drive across the desert to the Grand Canyon, a trip down the rapids.  and a few hikes around  the park and an ATV tour through the red rock area around Sedona.  Hit route 66 for a while and all the old roadside gas stations and abandoned stops.     Visited the Meteor crater in AZ and  stopped at the Hoover Dam before a planned red eye flight home out of Las Vegas.   Orbitz did not notify me the flight was delayed 4 hours  or we would have driven down the Vegas strip.  


The flight was delayed 4 hours it did not leave until 2:30AM and Ty celebrated his birthday catching  some sleep on the floor in the Las Vegas airport while i tried to get my phone charged with the hundreds of other travelers and catch up on my work emails.

 Just what every young man wants to do on a trip to Vegas.      Smile

This was a visit many many years ago Chino to  March AFB  then  to Palm Springs .  I used to try to see every close by museum when I traveled on business.   Makes for a nice visit when you can arrange a layover in LA for a  few weekend days.   This is Palm Springs.      One thing you notice ..everything very tidy, manicured and  certainly not the same aroma that you get on the drive  into Chino...maybe the big animal farms are not there any more but the smell sure got your attention on the way there.    Palm Springs must have had a lot of well heeled partons supporting their museum.    

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Palm Springs Air Museum - Just down the road from March AFB Museum
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