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 Chino California Air Museum

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PostSubject: Chino California Air Museum    Sun Feb 19 2017, 00:22

Planes of Fame at Chino    Chino had a symposium on the Italian Airforce in WWII going while we were there.  

This is one of those FW-190s that are being reproduced today .   The J8M however is an original.

The still have a wrecked Betty there in a setting showing its recovered state.  

The Natter, V1, and HE-100 like the FW190 are replicas.   Not sure about the ME-163.    

The ME109 was recovered from a lake in Russia.

I was hoping to see the restored Judy dive bomber.  In the later stages of the war it was fairly successful at hitting US carriers in conventional attacks.  Though this model had come with an inline engine they have rebuilt it as a DY4.  It will never fly but can taxi.

The have expanded the hangers since my visit many years back and have a simulated carrier hanger with the WWII naval collection, but you can't get as close to them as you can the others.

These pics are very old from one of my original trips .  I had the opportunity to travel  a bit  more in the USA years ago and when I did I made a point to visit air museums when ever I got the chance.    

Some of us who really like WWII aircraft should plan a trip one year,  giving everyone a chance to get ready and hit California and Arizona in a caravan.     When you fly into LA  and can do the big loop ,you can see Santa Monica, Chino / Yanks - March AFB - Palm Springs,  all in an arc running into the desert.   The original Santa Monica Museum closed some year back  and some of their aircraft were scattered to the winds, but a new one is open now, The museums in Arizona are not that far away.   The Champlin fighter museum closed its doors  and I think the 475 Hanger has moved from March AFB to Chino but there are others and the bone yards as well.   What do people think of the idea?

I just looked at the Chino web is something I have to go back to see.

Anyway here is Chino at least  20? years ago and a much thinner Ken  Sad

If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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Chino California Air Museum
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