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 USAF Museum Dayton Ohio.

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PostSubject: USAF Museum Dayton Ohio.    Sun Feb 19 2017, 09:45

My first trip was as a JR AFROTC cadet as a freshman in High school and I've always been fascinated with the place   watching it grow over intervening  40 years .      Ouch did I say 40 years?  

I took my son  who had never been there before and we visited for a few hours but you really need to check into a local hotel and spend two days there.   They have an Imax theater, guest speakers, veteran docents,  and a book store and memorial garden  you can spend hours in........

Its certainly expanded and the the gates have changed around a bit.  The XB70 is now under roof which is good.   The JU-88 have been moved in with the rest of the WWII items.      I posted some P-51 Apache photos in the what do we want next in the P-51 series The lighting is very subdued in the main exhibit  but its probably more due to  preservation  vs presentation.  

Based on my conversation with William we can expect to see the P6 in the yellow wing series  but the B-10 is a bit large for HM.      


Interesting they have Neal Kearbys vertical fin as it survived the crash of his aircraft

Some interesting early small jets and experimental aircraft  in the old presidential hangers .

   the goblin was to hang from the B-36 ....this did not work from airships in the 30's  but  I guess we had to keep trying ......would love to talk to one of the guys that flew these.  

 The X-3  Stiletto and the Pogo

F107 and XB-70

Ty  with the Flying Saucer  and me with the Bell X-5 first swing wing aircraft based somewhat on the ME P1101  that was captured as a prototype .  I have a 1/72 kit of this somewhere around the basement.

Took a lot more but these are a few  ...the titan and minute man displays are pretty awe inspiring considering what they were capable of .  Took quite a few in the Korea and Vietnam section.


If you score a victory but lose your wingman, you lost the battle.
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USAF Museum Dayton Ohio.
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